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Narrative Course Description:
Sixth Grade Social Studies students will learn about early civilizations, gaining an appreciation for the contributions of Ancient cultures to Modern times. Students will explore Early Man through the Middle Ages. Students will also learn basic map skills, financial literacy, and Cyber Safety.

Key Content and Skills:

Students will:
• Master geographical and economic concepts and basic map skills.
• Learn to respect other cultures.
• Use technology to enhance their learning
• Learn how geography, the economy, and beliefs affected the cultures of ancient

Enduring Understandings: (Understandings that are useful throughout the life of the student.)

• The past affects our future.
• Geography influences history.
• The development of technology affects a society.
• Human views of the world and nature have changed.
• The changing relationship between human beings and the physical and natural
environment has affected human life from early times to the present.

Course Activities: (Units of Study)

• Cyber Safety
• Financial Literacy (Economics)
• Map Skills
• Early Man
• Mesopotamia
• Egypt
• India
• China
• Greece
• Rome
• Religions
• Middle Ages